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Church Planting Live Chat

A monthly live clinic about planting churches


Church Birthing Matrix is pleased to offer a further certificate, beyond Ministry EquipNet, in church planting essentials through a monthly live chat every second Saturday morning September through May.  This live chat is designed for those who have completed our certificate program or have a degree, diploma or certificate through another acceptable Bible training institution, and who have an interest in taking part in a church plant now, or even at a later date.


This church planting live chat is a more available and convenient form of boot camp than the expensive traditional retreat format, but still provides eighteen to twenty hours of live, face to face conversation with experienced trainers and others in a live cohort on line.

Pastors Steve Farnworth and Harry Olsen, who have a total of fourteen church plants or turn-arounds between them, will be leading this monthly conversation.

Other guest participants, who are experts in various facets of ministry and church planting, will periodically be brought into the live chat for their insights.

Registered students will be live on the ZOOM screen with Farnworth and Olsen each month as major church planting subjects are explored. 

Any person who is interested in church planting and has the requisite Bible training, will be welcome to have one of ten seats at the table, whether actively involved in a church plant or not.  In this on line format, we are limiting the discussion to the two trainers and ten participants in this Church Birthing Matrix cohort.  The first qualified students to register will earn these seats at the table.

This training is free, but requires registration on our website:

Just click on New Student Registration.

Fill out the form.

At the bottom of the form it will ask what the student is interested in.

Click the box for Church Planting Readiness.



Subjects to be Explored in the Live Chat:


A.  Motivations in Church Starting Ministries

  • The Planter’s Call

  • Reasons to plant or not to plant

  • Maintaining passion

  • Articulated core values

  • Vision and Mission


B.  Essentials and Priorities

  • Prayer cover, expecting spiritual warfare

  • Funding the plant

  • Partners, the networks of starting up

  • The networking for evangelistic outreach

  • Effective preaching dynamics


C.  Personal Habits in Ministry

  • Spiritual disciplines

  • Work ethic and getting caught up in doing insignificant things

  • Health choices

  • Financial choices

  • Personal Appearance


D.  Leadership and Discipleship

  • Using the disciple-pillar approach

  • Calling people to join the planting team

  • Planting team structure and development

  • Loan wolves

  • A progressive internal authority structure


E.  Finding the Right Church Starting Model

  • Community exegesis

  • Needs assessment

  • Philosophy of start-up structures

  • Styles such as:  Recovery church, Traditional, New traditional, House church, Single community, Single culture, etc.


F.  Some Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting

  • Assessment of resources

  • Knowing when to start

  • Knowing when and how to begin children and youth ministries

  • Developing worship communities

  • Mechanics such as:  Venues, Publicity, Documentation, Legal requirements

  • Knowing when to leave


G.  Personal Life

  • Personal family relationships

  • The rapport of immediate family members to the church plant

  • Knowing when and how to take rest

  • Avoiding burnout

  • Other things about relationships, good, bad and beautiful


H.  Things that, in all Likelihood, Will Not Work

  • Location based on ulterior motivations

  • Lump sum money for a large start-up staff

  • Money expenditures that are largely attractional 

  • Build it and they will come

  • A focus on events instead of making disciples

  • Confused external and internal authority structure- too many bosses


I.  Support Options

  • Connecting with a support agency or mission

  • Being sent by a group of sending churches

  • Tent making

  • Using or developing a business umbrella

  • Living off of offerings only, while the spouse works

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