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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip leaders with the building blocks needed to start new churches.  We do this by helping them to know God better, to rightly divide the word of truth, and to understand the difference between "doing" church and "being" the church.  

Ministry EquipNet: How we accomplish the Mission

Ministry EquipNet online training program is a two year program culminating in one of three certificates of ministry.   Classes are delivered in the form of webinars by instructors in various parts of the States.  Students study together as a part of a “cohort” (a small group of 3 to 20 students).  Each cohort is overseen by a local Trainer-Mentor.  Students must be a part of a cohort since independent study does not allow for the discussion interaction which is a critical educational concept of this program.

Our program is broken into two consecutive years of study.  Students may begin with either year, but must complete the full complement of courses for certification, and for Trainer-Mentor endorsement to participate in our intensive Boot Camp.

Each year contains a total of 99 class hours of bible courses, and 54 class hours of
practical church planter training.  Upon completion of the program each student will have received a minimum of 306 hours of ministry preparation instruction.

During the academic year, students attend classes one night per week, and nine weekend classes per year (once per month).  Evening classes are 3 hours long, and each weekend session is 6 hours.

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