The Life of Christ – How Did Jesus Handle That?
The objective of this course is to teach the gospels from the perspective of learning about being the Body of Christ as lived and taught by Christ Jesus when He was on earth in His own flesh and blood body.  Attention is carefully given to His ministry so as to fully understand the message of salvation and living a transformed life that we as the church are charged with disseminating. 

The Church Age /Acts through James
This course takes the approach of examining the message of the church age as seen in Acts, Hebrews, James, and the Pauline Epistles. The objective of this course is to provide a survey of this portion of the New Testament, helping the student understand the main messages and themes of the New Testament writers in the historical context of the book of Acts.

Comfort One Another / Revelation
In this course, the student will be exposed to an understanding of the pre-millennial teachings of the return of Christ, as well as to give a structural understanding of the Book of the Revelation for further personal study and research.

The Doctrine of the Triune God
Here, we will look at the unique function of God the Father in relationship to the other two Persons of the Godhead and His role in time and eternity.  Attention will be given to sovereignty, free will, man's relationship to God, and to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Devils and Angels
Putting the devil and his demons in their proper place, to show where they will end up, and who will go with them, is the focus of the first part of this study.  Attention will be given to debunking false concepts of Satan's powers, and to show the reality of the workings of darkness. Also, this course will identify the place and the work of angels and the heavenly home they lead us to long for.  Attention will be given to their place in the order of created beings, their work, and powers.  Attention will also be given to a biblical understanding of the heavens. 

Introducing the Land of the Bible
Take a virtual tour through the Land of Israel with an instructor who has led many a live trip to the Promised Land of the ancient scriptures. Also, become familiar with the city of Jerusalem, the city of focus in much of the Bible and of the end times. Participants will also be introduced to some tools that will help in their personal pursuit of this area of study.

The Doctrine of Salvation
This course is designed to help a student understand the doctrine of salvation so as to be able to teach and defend the truth in a manner rich in comprehension rather than just proof texts.  The objective of this course is that the student will learn to defend, to teach, and to share Christ's Gospel cohesively and with comprehension, rather than just taking sides in current debates on the subject.  Attention will be given to related doctrinal points such as Atonement, Justification, Sanctification, the Security of the Believer, etc.

Church Age / Peter, John, and Jude
This is the completion of our focus on a survey of the New Testament. The books of Peter, John, and Jude, although short books, deserve special attention for their content.


The Doctrine of Mankind
The object of this course is to help the student understand man’s place in the Biblical story from paradise past to paradise future via the fall and redemption.  Attention will be given to creation, the fall, the substitutionary atonement, being faithful and obedient servants until called home, life after death, bodily resurrection, and man’s place in the new earth.

Contemporary Issues
The focus here is helping the student understand biblical values related to many of the contemporary issues facing individual believers and the church as a body, as stated in the Bible,   With this understanding, the student can defend their values biblically, regardless of which issue it is.  It is our further objective that they will be able to understand, to teach, and to defend the Bible’s truth in a manner rich in comprehension.

Apologetics and Cults
Here we will inform address both the important place of apologetics (defense of the gospel) and the pattern of the devil’s lies from within and outside of the church. The second part of the course seeks to assist the student to recognize cultish falsehoods, even if the learner is not versed in specific cult dogma.  Attention will also be given to how some religious practices are many times the slippery slopes from which the cults get their momentum.




Engaging Culture / Evangelism
In this module, the presenter will show the ministry trainee how to exegete the nature of their culture, and thus their community, and then how to approach engaging that same culture for the effective presentation of the Gospel.  Instruction will clearly teach principles of engagement based on God's Word, local cohort Trainer/Mentors will work with the trainees, within their own culture and environment, to apply those same principles.   Christ’s priorities, discovered through His word, should be the same for anyone in the church, anywhere, at any time in history. 

Being and Making Disciples
The object of this module is to develop the prominent role of being a disciple personally before attempting leadership in the Body of Christ, especially leading in the area of making new disciples.  Special attention will be given to the model of the local church in which all body life functions are scrutinized through the lens of discipling.  The instructor will introduce learners to a variety of resources to help in the fulfillment of Matthew 28:18-20.  The local cohorts will then discuss ethnically specific applications where applicable.

Ministering to Minors (Optional)
The intent of this module is to lead the person-in-training to the understanding that ministering to the children of the church as well as to those of the community is not an afterthought, but a primary function of a healthy body of believers in any culture.  Skills in ministering to secondary age children can be learned, but this learning cannot be attempted until and unless a healthy mindset is in place.  Attention will be given to breaking down walls of ignorance and lethargy as it relates to ministering to young adults.  There is no one as open to the teaching of the Word of God as the progeny of the body of believers.  They must not be lost.

Forming and Leading Worship Communities
Here we intend to distinguish the difference between doing church practices and being a worship community.  In order to make such a distinction, attention will be given to GOD, our object of worship, and to those means available to Christ's Body to focus on Him in manners meaningful to Him as well as to His people.  All personal and corporate worship mediums will be addressed, to allow expansion of the understanding of worship being more than just music. 

Conflict Resolution in Ministry
Addressing sources of church conflict and the Biblical method of conflict resolution in church ministry is the focus here.  Attention will be given to dealing with several different traditional church conflicts such as church discipline, which the evil one desires to be a source of conflict when practiced.  Local cohorts will flesh out these issues in their immediate context. 

Studying God's Word to Teach It and Preach It/Hermeneutics
This will be a two consecutive month module. The course is designed to train men and women to study and exegete the Scriptures as a foundation for accurately teaching it and effectively preaching it. As all of the modules, it is intended to be a practicum course. Attention will be given to learning how to use the best kind of study tools that allow an individual to teach with confidence without having formally studied Biblical languages.

Teaching and Preaching God’s Work/Homiletics
Again, this is a two consecutive month practicum style course. Here the focus is to prepare the newly trained student of God’s Word to be able to present (teach and preach) effectively.    Attention will be given to message layout and delivery with clarity of communication and understanding being the goal.


Counseling For Redemptive Relationships
Here we will show the church leadership team or the potential church plant leader how effective counseling begins with the sufficiency of the Word of God. Paths to redemptive relationships will be sought through applying the Bible to real and felt needs.  Attention will be given to knowing when to refer a person to someone with more experience, someone of another gender, and/or to a credentialed counselor.