Old Testament Overview of His Story

This fifteen-week course is a Survey of the Old Testament. The approach will address the main themes of each Old Testament book.


One Story

This class will focus on the scarlet thread of atonement that binds together both the Old and New Testaments. The focus will be upon seeing Jesus as the recurring theme of redemption and God's great plan for mankind.


Progressive Revelation

This class will cover God’s sweeping plan of redemption as revealed in the 4 major covenants in the Bible: the Abrahamic Covenant, the Mosaic Covenant, the Davidic Covenant, and the New Covenant. The culmination is found in the book of Revelation as we see God’s plan carried out in the redemption of Israel and the redemption of the church.

Holiness and Personal Disciplines

The object of this course is to catch a glimpse of God’s holiness, and to train the servant of His Kingdom to embrace a path toward holiness.  Attention will be given to personal holiness amidst the crucial mindset of practicing God’s presence.

Doctrine of Christ

The objective of this course is to lift up the Person of Jesus the Christ in His distinct function within the Godhead and with mankind.  Attention will be paid to humanity’s timeline, Jesus as the Word of God, and the deity of the Son.  Further attention will be given to those issues that underscore doctrinal debates about the person and work of Christ. 


The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

This course focuses on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit in His distinct function within the Godhead and with mankind.  Attention will be given to the distinctives of the Spirit's function with man, specifically God's people, and to the deity of the Holy Spirit.


The Written Word of God

The object of this course is to give the student confidence in the Word of God to which he or she has committed themselves.  Attention will be given to the big story, which is HIS story, the Living Word, authorship, inspiration, inerrancy, canon, and the power of personal study.



This short course is to assist the church leader-in-training to understand their role in developing all types of stewardship.  Attention will be given to developing any and every resource that the Lord places within His Body, the Church, including:   gifting, time, other skills and abilities, and also the finances for the effective functioning of the local body.


The Doctrine of the Church

The objective of this course is to show the unique role of the Church in the work of God in time and in the world.  Attention will be given to the different pictures of the Church used in the Scriptures, ending with the heavenly city as the Bride of Christ.


Bible – Science Tensions

This course is critical to understand the challenges to Biblical authority.To deny Biblical creation is to undermine the credibility of all scripture.The focus will be on establishing the truth of God’s word by viewing Creation through Biblical rather than scientific perspective and showing how God’s design flows through scientific discovery and clearly exposes His handiwork


Introduction to Church History

This course studies the historical church from foundation to recent history and looks at the critical issues faced by the church and the church’s response, dilemmas, and dogmas. Also addressed is the move from Salvation in Christ to Salvation through the Church, Reform, Reason, and Revival.



Gifting, Abilities, and Personal Tools

The objective of this module is to help each church leaders determine his life message by separating out spiritual giftedness from his natural abilities, learned skills, and training. Emphasis will also be placed upon ministering with integrity so that each individual will understand the importance of giving God their best service and assist them in finding their "sweet spot" in ministry, whether in church birthing or other ministries.


Fortified Marriages

This two Saturday module (offered on successive months) is offered as a "practicum" course. It is necessary to purchase the instructor’s manual, Fortified Marriages as your student notebook. We believe that there is little that is more stabilizing in ministry than a great marriage and family life, and that conversely there is little that will destroy ministry faster than continuing crisis at home. The objective of this course then is twofold; to fortify personal marriage and family life, while introducing the family life subjects that leaders will likely have to deal with while leading and discipling believers.


Philosophy Of Church Birthing

The objective of this module is to lead students to understand the life of a local body of believers from conception to full maturity. The presenter will teach and provide illustrations of developing body life, while the student develops a sense of natural church maturation.



This module is designed to teach leadership skills, and to further develop individuals with a propensity to lead both spiritually and naturally, to do so well, and with integrity. Attention will be given to personal leadership skills and styles, as well as analyzing the potential in others to lead. This is a "how-to" module.



Clarifying the role of prayer in ministry within the Body of Christ is the thrust of this module. Attention will be given to advancing beyond lip service that many impotent American churches espouse. You will identify tools to use so that you can expand your life in ministry with holy boldness, confidant in the power of prayer.


Spiritual Warfare

The battle is on and the battle is real.  Unfortunately, most Christians are losing more battles than they are winning.  The victories do not have to go to the opposition, but they will continue to, until believers learn to fight biblically.


Cultural Exegesis and Community Development

This module is presented to assist participants to accurately exegete the nature of a community and to show them how to devise a community development project that results in redemptive relationships. Bridges that are built by the body of Christ which do not lead to redemptive relationships are bridges to nowhere.


Intercultural Leadership

Here we will address the distinctives of leadership with an intercultural context. No longer do we have to board a ship or plane to “go unto all the world.” Missions now begin at our front door. Opening our hearts and arms to the diversity that has become our community and then leading our church in a Godly response to an ever changing ethnic society is a challenge that is real.


Ministry to Children

This summer optional course is designed specifically for those who will be ministering in Sunday Schools, DVBS, Christian Ed. and Family Ministries. Concepts and strategies will be shared to enhance your ministry to the young lives that will become the Church of the future.