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Old Testament Survey

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45 parts/videos

About the Course

This fifteen-week course is a Survey of the Old Testament. The approach will address the main themes of each Old Testament book.

Your Instructor

Dr. J. Carl Laney

Dr. J. Carl Laney

J. Carl Laney is an adjunct Professor of Biblical Literature at Western Seminary where he served full time from 1977 to 2018. In addition to his teaching, Carl has served as interim-pastor in a dozen different churches. He enjoys preaching and teaching God's Word in a church as well as seminary setting. Carl is the author of 20 books, including most recently Essential Bible Backgrounds, the Story of Israel, the Story of Jesus and the Story of the Apostle Paul. He has had numerous articles published in theological journals and Christian magazines. Carl has traveled extensively in the Middle East and Mediterranean world. He specializes in teaching the historical, geographical and cultural backgrounds of the Bible. In his free time, Carl enjoys driving and displaying his 1944 WWII Army jeep.

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