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The Written Word of God

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4 parts/videos

About the Course

The object of this course is to give the student confidence in the Word of God to which he or she has committed themselves. Attention will be given to the big story, which is HIS story, the Living Word, authorship, inspiration, inerrancy, canon, and the power of personal study.

Your Instructor

Marty Zuidervaart

Marty Zuidervaart

Marty Zuidervaart is a retired Christian high school educator and presently self-employed as a painting contractor. During the past 20 years in business he has been a prominent lay leader by serving on the board of elders for 12 years, teaching C.E. classes for adults, leading a couples’ home Bible study, and mentoring men.

In his earlier teaching days he successfully engaged high school juniors in the study of systematic theology. Receiving a BA in English from Dordt University and a MA in Christian Education from Fuller Seminary, Marty has been a life-long student of God’s Word and its integration into the very fabric of daily life. Over the years the Spirit has blessed many people with his knowledge of the Bible and its transforming power to discipline the heart.

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