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What Would Jesus Do?

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About the Course

The life that Jesus lived in the flesh is more than just a compilation of moral stories. There are day-to-day lessons that have application in our lives as the Body of Christ. Jesus is our example for daily living in a world hostile to the Truth teaching of Christ. Attention is carefully given to His ministry so as to fully understand the message of salvation and living a transformed life that we as the church are charged with disseminating.

Your Instructor

Steve Farnworth

Steve Farnworth

As a 21 year old Bible College senior, Steve Farnworth drove out to a rural area near Redding, California, to preach for one Sunday to a congregation of less than 20 meeting in a converted milking shed. He had no idea that God would keep him in that pulpit for the next 8 and one-half years. He had even less of a clue that, during those years, more than one hundred baptisms would take place, the congregation would grow to an average attendance of 220, and two building programs would be completed, paid for with cash.

In 1986 Steve and his family moved to Carnation, Washington as newly appointed church planters with the NWCBA. Here the Farnworths led the birthing of Carnation Bible Church with only three couples. Day after day this small but faithful group of Believers witnessed God's amazing provision and experienced His sovereign grace. At the conclusion of their fourteen years in Carnation, they left behind a congregation that averaged over 400 worshippers each weekend. More importantly, well over 50% of the membership had come to Christ through the ministry of CBC.

He and Kristie have been serving The Bridge Christian Fellowship of Grants Pass since April of 2016, and, in addition, they are working with a core group to launch another church in the Illinois Valley, 30 miles southwest of Grants Pass. You might say that church planting is in the Farnworth’s blood.

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